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Stop The Presses!

Call Grandma & Grandpa! Bring in the kids and the dog! Tell the neighbors!

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Exciting New Pages Are Here!

Soul Food and Southern Cooking Recipes! 
Family and Stolen Recipes that will knock your socks off! Mama's home-cookin' indeed. Click the Recipes record on the left side of the page.

Mama Lillie's "Advice To The Love Lorn!" 
Mama Lillie answers letters from her fans, guiding folks through the perils of LOVE. Look for the record titled "Advice".

Hey, how’s ya Mama & dem?

Music lovers rejoice!!!  Any report of our demise has been greatly exaggerated! We've just been laying low till the lawmen quit lookin'.

That’s right; the band your mama warned you about is alive and well!  It's The NACHO MAMA BAND!!! 

That Goddess of love and social butterfly, Mama Lillie, has paid our bail and brought the boys back together.

We’re talking Nacho Mama here - this ain’t no mariachi band, ya’ll!   We're a Rock n Roll Horn Band!  

Remember, 60s Classic Soul, R&B, Carolina Beach Music, Motown, and Rock & Roll from the 50s to the present... If you like good music and dancing, you'll love The Nacho Mama Band

And don't forget The Mama Lillie Horns! They're an awesome high-energy horn section that you'll feel down in your soul! 

Clearly, We're on a mission to "Keep Real Music Alive."

Thanks for visiting Mama Lillie and our family. We hope you'll sit and visit a spell. And while you're in da house, click the records on the left side of the page.

Each record will take you to a different page where you can see photos of the band, hear some of our music, maybe watch a video or two, and see photos taken at events where we've performed.  

There's even a page where you can link to the websites of some of Mama's trashy Friends and Partners back home in the Trailer Park.

Click on the neon sign to view the calendar showing our upcoming playdates. 

Law enforcement agencies and the Witness Protection Program permitting, we’ll share info and photos of band members (Mama's Chilren).

By the way, we’ve had millions of requests for our disgustingly cheap Nacho Mama Band™ Tee Shirts and caps (well maybe 50 or so requests). So, we’re making them available to you. Other great Nacho Mama merchandise is on the way too. Just click on "Thangs."

See ya on Stage!!!


HEY OTIS, WE STILL LOVE "The Temptations". 

Always did; Always will. 

Temptations Forever...


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